It's time

for a new business venture…


Custom Books:

“Connie’s complete understanding of the project was evident as she directed our different committees with expertise, enthusiasm and confidence.”

  • Mary Winters, Dir of Newspaper
  • Operations & New Media, Quincy
  • Newspapers, Inc., Quincy, IL

“We made a terrific profit, touched thousands of our customers and branded The Blade in a way never before imagined.”

  • Joseph H. Zerbey, IV
  • Vice President and GM
  • The Blade, Toledo, OH

“Just a note to tell you it has been my pleasure to work with you over these past twelve years. It has certainly been an amicable and productive relationship, and I have found you to be consistently helpful, prompt, courteous, and completely honest. You have converted all of my manuscripts into high quality, attractive, well-designed and readable products, all at a reasonable cost and with no real problems in the entire process.

It was certainly an act of providence which threw us together when you produced my “Over My Dead Body.” Now, three paperbacks and the massive two-volume hardcover “The Story of Hillside Cemetery” later, I look back on your work and cannot imagine a more successful business relationship. I know my husband also is very pleased with the two volumes you produced for him.”

  • Freda Carley Peterson Gooch
  • Silverton, Colorado

“As a newspaper looking to diversify our revenue, we were more than pleased with the results we achieved by working with Kansas Publishing Ventures. Joey, Joel, and Connie were there for us every step of the way to help us make our book project successful. Their knowledge and superior customer service, along with the quality print products they provide are why we plan on adding their products and services to our revenue plan this year and for many years to come. If you are an advertising director or marketing director and you are trying to find a new revenue stream, look no further—Joey and his team have the answers.”

  • Sara Bass
  • Marketing Director & Circulation Operations Manager
  • Hutchinson News, Hutchinson, KS